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Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices

Corry's Toxin Free Dry Cleaners - Mercer Island is a family owned environmentally safe dry cleaners. As the recipient of Washington State Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices, we are recognized as Washington's leader in green dry cleaning.

In the summer of 2003, we were the very first dry cleaners in Washington to provide Carbon Dioxide (CO2) dry cleaning. A completely toxin free dry cleaning process using pressurized liquid CO2. In the fall of 2012, we also implemented a revolutionary dry cleaning technology, SystemK4. SystemK4 includes cleaning fluid SolvonK4, a halogen-free solvent that is highly efficient, non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for human health - not to mention exceptional cleaning power. Starting 2014, we have converted all dry cleaning operations to use SolvonK4.

Most dry cleaners still rely on a chlorinated hydrocarbon that is detrimental for the environment if released, particularly for ground water. That solvent is perchloroethylene, or perc. So called "alternative environmentally friendly" solvents have been introduced to the market in the last decade, but we did not pursue any of those options because they are not consistent to our clear vision of effective environmentally safe dry cleaning.

In addition to our cleaning technologies, we take great pride in our green efforts such as recycling of approximately 10,000 wire hangers each year and introduction of the re-usable garment bags. We also continue to educate our customers and promote green cleaning to others in the cleaning industry. We make our dry cleaning and wet cleaning processes available for other cleaners to experience, provide educational materials, and answer the questions of customers, reporters, agencies and other business owners.

Washingtonians who are looking for a true green solution for effective cleaning have one in Corry's Toxin Free Dry Cleaners - Mercer Island, with our truly environmentally safe dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and laundering options.